Website hosting

Fast, reliable web hosting

Pixelfly websites enjoy the reliability of 99.9% uptime so you can feel confident that you’ll never miss a visitor. Not only is our hosting reliable, but it’s blazing fast too, with an average speed of less than half a second.

Round-the-clock security monitoring

Even if you aren’t sure of the hows and whys of website security, we have your back. By adhering to strict backup and security protocols, Pixelfly can prevent hacks and spam before they start. While no one can promise to completely eliminate email and contact form spam, we do our best to come as close as possible and respond to any issues the moment they arise.

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Included for free

Web hosting is free for Pixelfly Maintenance Plan subscribers. All the benefits of paid hosting, with no limitations, and no extra fees or setup costs.

Common questions about Hosting


What exactly is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service that basically allows you to rent a portion of a host's web servers. Web servers are essentially powerful computers that stay on 24/7 to serve content to visitors. Without hosting, no one will be able to visit your website.

Can I use Pixelfly hosting without purchasing a website?

To keep our clients' load times as fast as possible, we generally restrict our hosting to those that have purchased a website or design service.

Are there different types of hosting?

Many web hosts offer different hosting package, which include varying tiers of storage space, bandwidth, or other features. Since Pixelfly hosting is exclusive to our valuable clients, we don't split hairs - all customers receive the same premium hosting for free as part of their plan.

Is email included?

The storage space and capability to run email is available to all maintenance plan customers. However, if your company relies heavily on email, we recommend hosting your email through a third party (such as Gmail/Google Workspace) rather than on your website's hosting plan.

Another thing to note is that configuring your email client or setting up your email on your phone generally falls into the realm of IT support; being website nerds, it's not our area of expertise!

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Choosing a web designer is a big decision: It’s the first decision of your marketing strategy.

Should you go with a big marketing agency? Find someone on Facebook? Try to do it yourself?

I want my clients to feel confident they made the right decision. That’s why I encourage you to shop around and be informed. I want to help you take the path to your success – even if it’s not with me. 

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