Pixel perfect logos

Whether we’re updating your existing logo, or designing one from scratch, our attention to detail ensures your brand will impress. You can use your logo at any resolution – shrink it down to a business card or blow it up to put on a billboard. No matter the size or medium, your logo will be crisp and high quality. 

Logo design on computer
Design and style guide

Brand Guides for every situation

How do big companies keep their brand consistent and memorable? Brand Guides! In addition to your logo design files, every branding package includes this styling cheat-sheet, (also known as “style guides“) which can be used to easily create on-brand documents, packaging, marketing materials, presentations, and more!

Any device, any size

If you invest in a new website, it should work for anyone. Your Pixelfly site is guaranteed to adapt to any screen size.

Common questions about Branding


How long does a branding package take to make?

Logos and branding vary greatly depending on your individual needs. You'll be able to consult with the designer directly, so you'll always be in the loop on your branding's lead time.   After the client exploration is complete and design begins, you can expect a result within 1-3 weeks. The revision process depends greatly on your own schedule and feedback.

How much does a logo cost?

All logo pricing is custom and will vary depending on your needs. You can expect to pay anywhere from $200-$1,200. You'll have an idea of the cost before you ever sign off on anything, so there are no surprises. You can start off simple, then invest in more complex designs if you wish.

Can I work with the designer to contribute my ideas or sketches?

Absolutely! We encourage suggestions and your designer will work closely with you to ensure we're on track. The more we know about the your tastes and the "feel" of the brand, the better able we are to develop something you'll be happy with.

Have questions?

Choosing a web designer is a big decision: It’s the first decision of your marketing strategy.

Should you go with a big marketing agency? Find someone on Facebook? Try to do it yourself?

I want my clients to feel confident they made the right decision. That’s why I encourage you to shop around and be informed. I want to help you take the path to your success – even if it’s not with me. 

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