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Crafting a simple, yet powerful, way to reach new clients

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Key features

Longleaf Landworks is a Louisiana-based land management company specializing in land clearing and storm cleanup. In the southern US, our hurricanes ensure that there's no shortage of landowners needing tree removal, and Longleaf is there to fulfill that need. Despite their growing clientele, however, they needed a strong online presence to reach customers across state lines.

The objectives

As a growing small company just beginning to expand their online presence, a one-page website was a great option to break into the digital space. One-page sites are a budget-friendly solution, popular with businesses that need to quickly deploy a basic informational site.

Longleaf's goal in conversions was to have visitors request a quote by phone call or through the website. In order to help them achieve this, I wanted to focus as much as possible on eye-catching Calls To Action and an attractive, user-friendly contact form. A form is one of the most important features on any website, but on a small single-page website, it's absolutely critical.

The challenges

Though I was provided plenty of awesome SEO-friendly content to start working, we were a little light on photos, and the use of third-party assets needed was a little heavier than I'm accustomed to. I had to get creative to fill out areas that needed more imagery to illustrate their range of services.

Shortly after starting work, the deadline was unexpectedly tightened. While normally I'm firm on timelines to ensure a quality product, this particular situation was unique and I wanted to leave the client in a good place. If you're a perfectionist like me, you'll understand the distress that comes with quickly tying up the ends on your ideas. It comes with the territory, I suppose!

The solution

In order to help develop their new brand image, I stuck to a small palette of forest greens, and opted for strong "industrial" heading fonts. The only branding provided was a logo, so I was able to have some creative freedom in this area.

One-page sites are notorious for higher bounce rates, especially when there's limited graphical content. To prevent this, you need to keep visitors engaged as they scroll. Plenty of UI animations and interactions can be found all the way to the bottom of the page where the contact form resides. Icons, decorative dividers, and varied section layouts were added for cohesive variance. A sticky navigation bar allows visitors to jump quickly to different sections, ensuring no one gets lost.

Thanks in part to copious amounts of caffeine and an almost defiant sense of resolve, I was able to dramatically exceed deadline expectations and provide deliverables in less than half the expected time. I was proud to be able to turn over a solid website despite unexpected complications. I look forward to seeing Longleaf continue to grow with their new home on the web.

Longleaf Landworks
Longleaf Landworks website
Longleaf Landworks website mobile version
Longleaf Landworks website mobile version
Longleaf Landworks website mobile version
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