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SSL Certificates

Websites that don’t have an SSL certificate look unprofessional and will drive away visitors. If you’ve ever clicked a link and were confronted with a warning page warning you that your connection is not private, you’ve experienced firsthand what the lack of an SSL certificate can do. Did you stay on the page and try to override this scary-looking screen by clicking the Advanced button? Most likely not, because there is rarely anything on a website that can’t be viewed safely somewhere else.

Luckily, you can avoid this situation completely by ensuring you have a valid SSL attached to your domain name. If your website doesn’t transfer or store sensitive information, there are free options available. Securing your website with an SSL certificate is fast and easy, and you can do it without a credit card.

  1. Your domain registrar
    If you registered your domain through a major registrar, there’s a good chance that you already have an SSL certificate available to use.
    Here are some of the common registrars offering free SSL certificates:
    1. NameCheap
    2. Domain.com
  2. Your web host
    Many web hosts also offer free SSL certificates as part of promotions, and sometimes they’re free for an entire year. Currently, BlueHost is offering a deal like this. Most of the time, the SSL certificate will automatically install itself, but if not, you can activate it manually.
  3. SSL For Free
    SSLForFree.com offers free 90-day SSL certificates through ZeroSSL, a trusted certificate authority with over half a million users worldwide. Some technical knowledge is required to get it set up, but there are many guides available with a quick Google search.
  4. FreeSSL.org
    FreeSSL is a fast-growing SSL issuer providing free 90-day certificates. The whole process takes under 5 minutes and requires no credit card. If you decide to upgrade in the future, plenty of advanced SSL certificates are available.

Hopefully you’ll find this resource handy. If you tend to buy lots of domains, or you plan on owning multiple domains in the future, I recommend bookmarking this page for reference. If you know of another provider of free SSL certificates, please let me know so we can keep this list updated.

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