About (New)

About (New)

Mei Mei, The real boss
Mei-Mei, Co-Founder

More than just pretty websites

Pixelfly websites are all built from scratch, molded around the unique user experience that has been carefully crafted to turn your visitors into customers. Anyone can build a website, but investing in your website strategy is what will set you apart.

Specializing in Small Business

Hi, I’m Stephanie! I founded Pixelfly to address the growing local demand for affordable web design and digital marketing. My mission is to help my fellow local business owners feel more confident in their ability to be seen and heard in an increasingly competitive digital space..

You can learn more about me on my website.

Stephanie Murray with Glasses
Stephanie Murray, Owner

Orlando's Hometown Website Provider

It comes as no surprise for us Floridians that in 2021, the city of Orlando was voted #5 for economical growth in the US.  With the job market exploding, local business owners now find themselves with the wonderful problem of growing faster than they ever imagined. 

More than ever before, small companies in Orlando must fight to stay visible as their competitors scramble for the most visible digital advertising. Many business owners are now turning to local web designers who understand the culture of the city and how it responds to digital marketing.

From one small business to another.

I’ve always loved creating things that tell a story. Maybe that’s why I’m so passionate about digital marketing. By combining thoughtfully designed websites with properly researched strategies, a powerful story is told that people can’t help but notice. I believe these stories have the power to change lives by helping business owners achieve their goals.

As a small business owner myself, I know how stressful it can be having to manage your current obligations with tomorrow’s growth. I’d be honored to help tell the story of your business.


Talk soon,

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Choosing a web designer is a big decision: It’s the first decision of your marketing strategy. Should you go with a big marketing agency? Find someone on Facebook? Try to do it yourself?

I want my clients to feel confident they made the right decision. That’s why I encourage you to shop around and be informed. I want to help you take the path to your success – even if it’s not with me.